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Travel Notice for Turkey [Updated: 8 September 2017]

In view of previous terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul in 2016, Singaporeans travelling to Turkey are advised to take necessary precautions, such as monitoring the local news and remaining vigilant when visiting popular areas with tourists. Crowded areas and locations known for demonstrations should also be avoided. In addition, Singaporeans should consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance and be familiar with the terms and coverage in the event of any emergencies.

Singaporeans are also advised to avoid travel to south-eastern Turkey and the border regions between Turkey and Syria, given the unpredictable security situation associated with the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Singaporeans are strongly encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at so that we may contact you should the need arise. Singaporeans are also advised to stay in touch with their family and friends so that they know you are safe. Those in need of urgent consular assistance may contact the Singapore Embassy in Ankara or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Ankara
Yildizevler Mahallesi
719, Sokak No. 5, Cankaya
Ankara 06550, Turkey
Tel: +90 312 442 4330
Duty Officer: +90 530 066 7311

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hour)
Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Tel:  +65 6379 8800 / 8855