[UPDATED] Travel Notice for Hokkaido in Japan

13 September 2018

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Iburi-chiho, Chutobu at 3 am local time in Hokkaido on 6 September 2018, triggering landslides, power outages and damage to buildings. As of 13 September 2018, New Chitose Airport and shinkansen (bullet trains) services in Hokkaido have resumed normal operations.  


As there have been reports of tremors and aftershocks in the area following the strong earthquake, we advise Singaporeans who are either travelling to or already in Hokkaido to exercise caution, remain vigilant, and take the necessary precautions for their personal safety. You should also heed the instructions of the local authorities and closely monitor the local news. Singaporeans whose flights have been affected should check with your airlines or tour operators for up-to-date flight schedules, and may wish to consider alternative travel arrangements.


Singaporeans are encouraged to e-Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at https://eregister.mfa.gov.sg/. You are also advised to stay in touch with family and friends so that they know you are safe, purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance and be familiar with the terms and coverage. Those in need of consular assistance may contact the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office at:


Embassy of the Republic of Singapore – Tokyo

5-12-3- Roppongi Minato-ku

Tokyo 106-0032 Japan

Tel: +81-3-35869111, 81-3-35869112 / +81-90-32084122 (24 hours)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hours)
Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Tel: 6379 8800, 6379 8855
Email: mfa_duty_officer@mfa.gov.sg


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