Easier and more secure logins with the new SingPass Mobile app

Users no longer need to enter passwords and carry physical tokens


From today, all SingPass users can download the SingPass Mobile app from the Google Play or App Store. With the new app, users can now log in using their fingerprint, facial recognition (for selected smartphones) or a 6-digit passcode. They no longer need to enter their passwords when performing digital government transactions, such as checking CPF balances and applying for HDB flats. Also, with SingPass Mobile, users based overseas will now be able to use the app to transact digitally with the Singapore Government, without the need for a physical token.

SingPass Mobile will be an additional option for SingPass users to log in by 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). The existing modes of SMS One-Time Password (OTP) and OneKey token will continue to be available to SingPass users.

Mr Kok Ping Soon, Chief Executive, GovTech, said, “Every month, we receive about 150,000 requests from SingPass users to reset their passwords. The new SingPass Mobile app will offer a more convenient login option, as users no longer need to enter their passwords to log in. SingPass Mobile is another step towards our vision for citizens to access government and private sector digital services securely with a single, trusted National Digital Identity.”

To activate the SingPass Mobile app, SingPass users will need to complete the following steps:

1.    Download “SingPass Mobile” from the official app store (Google Play or App Store).

Check that the app developer is “Government Technology Agency”.

2.     Launch the app and complete a one-time set-up.

Verify their identity using an OTP sent via SMS, or generated by the OneKey token.

SingPass Mobile also comes with enhanced security features to protect the user’s personal data. For example, when the app detects any potential security breach or presence of malicious software on the mobile device, the user will not be allowed to use the app on the device.

Users are reminded to only use their own fingerprint or facial image to register on their smartphone, and not to share their 6-digit passcode with other individuals.

The app will be progressively updated with new features to make it a one-stop touch point for government digital services. Users can visit www.SingPassMobile.sg for more information.



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