(NO AWARD) Request for Proposals for the Lease of 4 Photocopiers Contract

09 Mar 2021


To: Prospective Proposers


Invitation to Submit Proposals for the Lease of 4 Photocopiers Contract


Request for Proposal No.: NYCITQ-002/2021


Interested parties are invited to provide proposal for the Lease of 4 Photocopiers Contract for the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Singapore to the United Nations in New York.


Interested proposers may e-mail  New_York_Perm_Rep_procurement@mfa.sg  with copy to  Roanna_devilla@mfa.sg  for more information.


All proposals must be submitted via email to New_York_Perm_Rep_procurement@mfa.sg, with the subject heading “PROPOSAL FOR LEASE OF 4 PHOTOCOPIERS CONTRACT”.


Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.


This RFP will close on Thursday, 18 March 2021(5.00 pm)


Updates to RFP Closing deadline

We refer to the above-mentioned Request for Proposal for the Lease of 4 Photocopiers contract.  We would like to inform all prospective proposers that the RFP’s deadline will be extend to Friday, 26 March 2021, (5:00 pm).


Please contact Ms Roanna Devilla at 212 826 0840, if you have any queries. Thank you.


The Mission will post the Award Notice on our Bulletin Board at the Singapore Mission.



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