Travelling to Singapore

22 Dec 2021


All travellers seeking to enter Singapore will enter via a SafeTravel Lane arrangement, and the eligibility criteria and requirements for each SafeTravel Lane differ depending on the traveller’s profile. Do note that all travellers aged 3 years and above in the calendar year (i.e. those born in and after 2018), including Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents entering Singapore from 2 December 2021, 2359 hours (Singapore time) are required to undergo an on-arrival Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) test (as announced in MOH’s press release dated 30 November 2021).Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents can return to Singapore without the need to apply for an entry approval. 


For more information on Singapore’s inbound travel policies and updates on the latest precautionary measures implemented to further reduce the risk of importation of COVID-19 to Singapore, please refer to ICA and MOH COVID-19 websites.

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