WTO 25th Anniversary

19 Nov 2020

WTO 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th anniversary to the @WTO! Did you know that the design for the WTO logo was adapted from the logo commissioned by Singapore for the WTO’s first Ministerial Conference (MC1)? After successfully hosting MC1 in December 1996, Singapore transferred the logo and its copyright to the WTO.

The original logo was created by Su Yeang Design, a Singapore-based graphic arts company, and selected from over 200 entries in a competition held by the Singapore Government. When asked about her design, Ms Su Yeang said, “a hint of the globe is suggested by the six graphic arcs, symbolising world trade with member nations meeting to forge strategic alliances. Dynamism and optimism prevail as the swirls integrate, encapsulating WTO’s united spirit of promoting fair and open trade.”

The logo is a constant reminder that WTO Members must continue to work together to strengthen the WTO as the cornerstone of the rules-based multilateral trading system that has underpinned global economic development.


WTO - Image 1 - resized

The WTO logo in the early days of the organisation under the first Director-General, Renato Ruggiero.


WTO - Image 2 - resized

The logo used during the first WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore in December 1996, as conceived by Su Yeang Design.


WTO - Image 3 - resized

The WTO logo adopted since 1997, which is recognisable around the world.

Photos credits: WTO


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