Singapore’s Ambassador Tan Hung Seng speaks at 5th WTO Trade Policy Review of Peru, 22 & 24 October 2019

25 Oct 2019


24 October 2019 

Singapore’s Permanent Representative to the WTO and WIPO Tan Hung Seng (second from left) served as the discussant for the 5th WTO Trade Policy Review of Peru on 22 & 24 October 2019. WTO Trade Policy Reviews are a periodic surveillance of each Member’s national trade policies, and make up a key element of the WTO’s monitoring function. Peru’s delegation from Lima was led by Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Mrs. Sayuri Bayona (third from left). Ambassador Tan’s remarks focused on Peru’s 25-year consistent policy of maintaining prudent fiscal, monetary and exchange policies, and its commitment to free trade by keeping its markets open. This has helped Peru further its aims of addressing income disparities, improving income distribution and ensuring that the benefits of trade are spread more evenly.

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