Visa Application Process



Application via SAVE


1 You may submit your visa application online via Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE) through a local contact with a SingPass account. The processing time is 1 or 3 working days(excluding the day of submission) if your application is submitted online via SAVE.  Processing time may be delayed during periods of high demand.  


Application through the Embassy


2 You may also submit your visa application through the Embassy.  The following documents are required:


(a) Completed and signed Form 14A. Ensure that it is filled legibly and any incomplete information may result in delay. Please write your email address and telephone number at the top right-hand corner of Form 14A for the embassy to contact you on your visa application. 

(b) One passport-sized colour photograph (35mm x 45mm)

·       Image must be taken within the last 3 months;

·       Image should be in colour, must be taken against a white background;

·       Background with a matt or semi-matt finish;

·       Image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide the facial features).

(c) Completed Letter of Introduction (Form V39A) (You may wish to check with the Embassy on the requirements of this document). The Letter of Introduction (LOI) must be issued by a local contact in Singapore who is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who is at least 21 years old. For visa applicants attending business meetings in Singapore, the local contact must be from a Singapore registered business entity. The person acting on behalf of the business entity (person signing off the LOI) must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who is at least 21 years old.

(d) Photocopy of the Singapore Identity Card (front and back) of the local contact/person who is issuing the LOI or is acting on behalf of business entity as per(c) above.

(e) Photocopy of applicant’s passport biodata page and all pages of the passport demonstrating the applicant’s travel history. Please ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

· clear photograph of applicant;

· passport number;

· date of issue;

· date of expiry.

(f) Proof of payment of Visa Application Fee.

(g) Travellers who are travelling to Singapore for business purposes will also need to provide a computer printout of the Singapore-registered business entity's detailed business profile from the Instant Information Service, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and printed within the last 3 months. 

(h)  Other supporting documents, if available, such as a confirmed return/onward ticket; confirmed hotel reservations to support your visa application.



Cost of Visa Application


3          A non-refundable Visa Application fee of R$130 (one hundred and thirty reais) by bank transfer is payable to the Embassy. Please make arrangements to pay by bank transfer only. Your proof of payment such as Bank Transfer Slip is required. Please contact the Embassy at for the Embassy's bank details.



Delivery of Documents


4          Please ensure that all the following are submitted to the Embassy for your visa application:


(a) Original signed and completed Visa Application Form 14A with passport photo;

(b) Signed Letter of Introduction Form V39A (You may wish to check with the Embassy on the requirements of this document);

(c) Copy of the Singapore Identity Card (front and back) of person signing off Letter of Introduction;

(d) Copy of passport biodata page of Applicant;

(e) Proof of payment of Visa Fees by bank transfer;

(f) Computer printout of the Singapore-registered business entity's detailed business profile from ACRA for business visas; and

(g) Copies of other supporting documents, if any (e.g. confirmed return or onward ticket; confirmed hotel reservations, etc.).


5 You are required to submit all the above documents by courier to the following address:


Consular Section

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore

SHIS QL 24 Conjunto 3, Casa 11

CEP: 71665-035 Lago Sul - Brasilia - DF



6 The Embassy can only process your visa application upon receipt of hardcopy of these documents. To facilitate your visa application, you may also scan a copy of all the documents listed above and email to (Note: Submission of hardcopies of the documents are still required for visa application).


7 The processing time for your visa application up to 3 working days (excluding day of submission), provided all your documents submitted are in order.


Outcome of Application


8 The Embassy will notify the applicant once the application is processed, and will provide more information on how to check and print the e-Visa online, if approved.  



Other Prevailing Entry Requirements


9 The possession of a valid visa alone does not guarantee entry into Singapore. The grant of an immigration pass and the duration of stay are determined by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry at Singapore checkpoints. The period of stay granted is shown on the visit pass endorsement given on your passport and is not tied to the validity of your visa.  Each case is considered on its own merit, and includes, but is not limited to, fulfilling the normal entry requirements, such as having a valid passport with at least 6 months validity, confirmed return/onward tickets, sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore and entry facilities – including visas – to their onward destination.


10        Please refer to the prevailing immigration entry requirements for more information.


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