Please be informed that there are revisions to Consular Fees with effect from 1 January 2023 at the Singapore Consulate-General in Batam.

The general requests from members of public and the associated fees are listed in the table below.

Revised Consular Fees




Singapore Entry Visa

Rp 313,000

Rp 345,000

Certify True Copy (CTC)

Rp 42,000

Rp 46,000


Rp 42,000

Rp 46,000


Rp 11,000

Rp 12,000

Statutory Declaration

Rp 53,000

Rp 58,000

Certify True Signature (CTS)

Rp 105,000

Rp 115,000

Execution of Document (EOD)

Rp 179,000

Rp 197,000

Photo Copy

Rp 4,000

Rp 4,000

Document of Identity

Rp 157,000

Rp 173,000

Passport Renewal

Rp 835,000

Rp 918,000

Renunciation for Citizen

Rp 366,000

Rp 402,000


Should members of public have queries on these revisions, please contact the Singapore Consulate-General in Batam at +62 778 372 0000.

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