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[Updated] Travel Notice for Mindanao, Philippines

14 August 2019
The Philippine Government declared Martial Law on the entire island of Mindanao on 23 May 2017 following clashes between government forces and a terrorist group in Marawi City. While the Government has announced the end of fighting in Marawi City, Martial Law remains in place across the whole of Mindanao and has been further extended until 31 December 2019.

Under Martial Law, enhanced security measures will remain in place, including strengthened border controls, restrictions on movement of people and vehicles, closures of public places if necessary and increased police surveillance of popular public areas. Notwithstanding the imposition of martial law, there have been sporadic security incidents - for example on 31 December 2018, when a bomb went off outside a shopping mall in the Southern Philippine city of Cotabato which led to at least two deaths and dozens injured.

Singaporeans travelling to or residing in Mindanao are strongly advised to take all necessary precautions for their personal safety, including monitoring the local news and heeding the instructions of the local authorities. Singaporeans should remain vigilant and where possible, avoid crowded places, public gatherings, and areas where there are ongoing police or security operations. Singaporeans should also purchase comprehensive travel insurance and be familiar with the terms and coverage. Singaporeans are encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at so that they can be contacted should the need arise. Singaporeans are also advised to stay in touch with their families and friends so that they know you are safe. Those in need of urgent consular assistance should contact the Singapore Embassy in Manila or the 24-hour Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in the Philippines

505 Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Tel: +63 2 8569922
Tel: +63 917 860 4740 (after office hours)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hour)
Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Tel: +65 6379 8800, +65 6379 8855

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