Deputy Director/Performance Management

Job Scope

As Deputy Director/Performance Management, you will provide direction and oversight of the operations of the Performance Management Branch. 

You will oversee the overall appraisal and promotion systems and requirement for the Ministry, and manage and assist in the review of the remuneration package of the Ministry-specific schemes. You will also support the succession and leadership planning within the Ministry. In addition to managing the confirmation and emplacement of officers, you will also ensure manpower continuity and renewal, and the establishment of the manpower resource pipeline through confirmation and contract renewal of deserving officers. You will plan, review and manage the expenditure of manpower, and ensure the effectiveness of the systems of checks and controls implemented to enhance the professionalism of the branch. 


  • Singaporeans with the commitment to serve in the Public Service.  
  • At least 8 - 10 years of relevant experience in the areas of performance management and remuneration, with strong analytical skills and conceptual abilities.
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills, and good planning and organisation skills.

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