Consulate of the Republic of Singapore - New York

Application for Singapore Citizenship

Before you proceed with your application, please be guided by basic reminders below. This is a guide to avoid common errors, to ensure that your application will not meet with unnecessary delays in processing.


Basic reminders  if you are applying through the Singapore consulate in New York

  1. FEES: (please note that fees are subject to change without prior notice

    Application fee: US $130 (effective 01 Jan 2015)

    Mode of payment: money order 
    (we accept exact cash payments if application is in person at this consulate)


  2. Please make sure that you FILL UP THE FORM CORRECTLY AND COMPLETELY. Delays often arise simply from incomplete or incorrectly filled up application forms. Please make sure that on page 4 of the application, you:
    • fill up the “DECLARATION BY APPLICANT” section CORRECTLY by crossing out the portions WHICH ARE NOT APPLICABLE to you;

    • sign and date the form;

    • if overseas, have the form NOTARISED, SIGNED, AND DATED by a LOCAL NOTARY PUBLIC in your area.

  3. If your application to have your child registered as a singapore citizen is successful, your child will be issued a citizenship certificate.

    The consulate will contact you once the citizenship certificate has been issued. As such, please include all your contact details including updated mailing and email address, and telephone numbers.

    After this, you can apply for a singapore international passport for your child.

    • the consulate can provide a passport application (paper application through this consulate) upon request, or,

    • you can also apply for the passport online through  the apples system at

      • the immigration and checkpoints authority website at or 

      • through this consulate’s website at at our citizen services centre webpage

  4. MAILING INSTRUCTIONS.  If you wish to receive the citizenship certificate by mail, please provide a self-addressed stamped USPS EXPRESS MAIL ENVELOPE, the soft envelope which is the largest size, which can accommodate a 9” by 12” document.

PLEASE NOTE: The Consulate is not responsible for any documents that may get lost in the mail.


  1. Application form: SCRA Form

    To download SCRA Form, click here:

    The form scrm must be fully completed and duly notarised before a notary public;

  2. Supporting documents to be submitted:

    Please download the document list that is applicable; a detailed explanation is provided.

    (a) “minor document list (by descent)” : application for citizenship by descent under article 122 (1) of the constitution of the republic of singapore

    An overseas-born minor (child) may be eligible for singapore citizenship by descent under article 122 (1) of the constitution of the republic of singapore, if any of the following conditions can be met:

    • male citizen by birth who has a lawful marriage;

    • male singapore citizen by registration who has a lawful marriage and minor shall not acquire citizenship of the country he was born by reason of his birth in that country;

    • female singapore citizen by birth and minor born on or after 15 may 2004;

    • female singapore citizen by registration and minor born or or after 15 may 2004. Minor shall not acquire citizenship of the country he was born by reason of his birth in that country; or

    • male or female singapore citizen by descent has to complete an additional annex to the application declaring their residence period in singapore. The application can only be accepted if the applicant fulfills the requirements stipulated in (a) or (b) of the annex (included in the downloadable forms as indicated in the link above).

(b) "minor document list (all articles, except descent): application for citizenship under articles 121 (3),  124 (1) and 124 (2) of the constitution of the republic of singapore



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